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How to Calm Redness?


Often find your skin looking red and irritated? Being met by flushed skin and
rosy cheeks in the mirror after a workout is one thing. But persistent flushing
that stings or tingles can signal that there’s an underlying skin issue.

Redness can appear due to a number of inflammatory skin conditions, such as rosacea, sensitivity or an allergic reaction. Sometimes even as a reaction to skincare.

Skin sensitivity presents itself in a variety of forms and with the right care, redness can be treated for a calm and happy skin.

Common symptoms for skin sensitivity are sensations of burning, tingling, tightness and itching. Followed by a non-flattering redness.

If you find that your skin easily flares up when exposed to excessive sunlight, harsh winds, cosmetic ingredients or even after a few glasses of wine, it can be a sign of sensitive skin.

It’s best to avoid these external triggers along with exfoliation, acids, and cleansing brushes, as they can weaken or break down the skin’s natural barrier and irritate its nerve endings. 


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Keep Your Calm


Treat yourself - and your skin - to a soothing dose of much needed love. This refreshing serum will help calm irritation, reduce redness, and quench stressed skin with deep, lasting hydration.

I love using this serum when my skin gets dry and stressed out after being out. My boyfriend has rosacea and he just started using it. So far we love it! - Tori

Calming Serum


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Healthy, Happy Skin


Calm skin is happy, and healthy. Treat redness and enhance your skin’s happiness with Healthy Skin Serum, a reliable go-to to help get stressed and irritated skin back on track. How? Thanks to safe, natural ingredients such as Vitamin C, E, Green Tea, MSM and Rosehip Oil. You’re welcome.  

Love this serum! It feels like I’m giving my skin a big drink of vitamin water and it works well under my moisturizer since it’s fast to soak in. - Kori

Healthy Skin Serum


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The Healing Vitamin


If there’s one ingredient that can enhance skin’s natural healing process, aiding to reduce irritation, redness and flaking, it’s Vitamin C. Known as nature’s most powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C works to reverse signs of age spots, discoloration and redness caused by sunexposure. It’s time to heal.

Ever since I started using Vitamin C my skin is softer and looks smoother than before. Thank you - Kristin F

Vitamin C Serum


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Frequently Asked Questions

For some, red skin is simply a result of having sensitive skin, which can be triggered by excessive exfoliation and face washing, sunburn, allergies, the use of acids and even some cosmetics. While others may have a skin condition, such as rosacea, acne and eczema. Whatever the cause is, be sure to check in with a dermatologist to pinpoint the issue so you can get the right treatment and experience your healthiest skin yet.