5 Ways to Show Love to Yourself Each Day

5 Ways to Show Love to Yourself Each Day - ALURIL

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do. - Brene Brown

For so many women, the journey of “self-love” can feel like a windy, uncomfortable, and unnatural road to travel. Some days, you feel amazing! Confident and content in your body, mind and life. Other days can be a struggle. It can feel selfish to focus on you, with so many other people and responsibilities in your life vying for your attention.

But loving yourself doesn’t mean neglecting others! In fact, it helps you to love others better, because you’re filling yourself up with confidence, compassion, and care, and not pouring from any empty cup. Self-love is a simple, and intentional act of valuing your whole self every day - your mind, your body, your skin, your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s accepting your weaknesses, and celebrating your strengths. It’s telling the body that carries you faithfully through the day that it is valuable, worthy, and loved.

In fact, studies have shown that choosing to focus on self-love, even when it’s hard, is so important for your health, and even keeps depression at bay. That’s why, in this post we’ll be sharing 5 ways you can get your self-love journey back on track in just a few minutes every day:

1Create a nourishing skincare routine for morning and night

A strong and clean skincare routine can make you feel radiant all day long! A few simple products morning and night can hydrate, protect, and calm irritated and dry skin in minutes. Plus, the simple act of knowing you’ve cared for your skin can boost your confidence in your natural beauty! The best products to use are natural and organic, and free from harmful toxins or fragrances that can irritate your skin. Check out our deluxe range of skincare products designed to reduce signs of aging, increase hydration, and enhance your natural beauty.

2Nurture your body with good, wholesome foods

For a lot of women, added stress can cause our nutrition to be all out of whack. It’s important to remember to eat enough of the right foods throughout the day, to give us the energy we need to thrive in our lives. It’s even possible for some nutrients in the foods you eat to make you shine on the outside, as well as the inside! Walnuts, avocados, sweet potato, tomatoes, and red bell peppers are just some ingredients proven to make your skin glow. Thank your hard-working body and show yourself some love with good, wholesome foods.

3Set aside some time for yourself each day

Whether you're more introverted or extroverted, it is so important to give yourself time alone each day. Just like quality time with a partner or with friends, your mind, body, and health all benefit from some extra attention sometimes. Whether it’s a walk outside in the fresh air, some meditation, journaling, or something else creative, show love to yourself with some quality time set aside just for you.


4Give your body the sleep it needs to thrive

Getting enough sleep is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself, but when you’re feeling stressed, busy, or distracted, it’s often the first thing to take a hit! Your mental and physical health both ride on those 8 hours of shut eye each night, so show love to yourself by making them non-negotiable. Why not try a calming nighttime routine to help you switch off, including some soothing skincare, screen-free time, and a warm cup of chamomile tea?


5Move your body!

Not only does exercise and physical activity strengthen your physical health, but it also keeps your mental health in check too. By boosting endorphins, moving your body can help relieve stress and makes all the day-to-day worries float away! Don’t worry, exercise doesn’t have to mean sweating it out in the gym. A calm evening walk with your dog, a 30-minute beginners yoga session, or simply some stretches after lunch time can all strengthen your body and mind.

Practicing self-love and building your confidence takes time, patience, and commitment. But by consciously incorporating these 5 simple things into your routine, you’ll already be making huge progress in showing yourself that you are worthy of life, kindness and care!

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